vondu® Emergency Phone Charger

The vondu® Emergency Phone Charger is pre-charged and requires no power to charge your phone. Just plug it in and go! It can provide 30-60 minutes of standby power instantly! It is totally mobile, making it perfect for travelers and people constantly on-the-go! You’ll never want to leave home without it!

vondu® Anti-Lost Smart Device

Always losing your keys? Forget where you parked the car? No worries, the vondu® Anti-Lost Smart Device can track your items wherever they are. Just attach it to your valuables and track their GPS location via Bluetooth®️ using its app. The app is available on the on the App Store and Google Play store. Orders yours today!

vondu® Wireless Charging Pad

Need a new high speed wireless charging pad for your iPhone, AirPods, or Android device? The vondu® Wireless Charging Pad is just what you need! An ultra slim wireless charger that provides 10W of power!  Orders yours today!

vondu® Solar Power Bank

Do you constantly fear your phone battery dying while away from home? Need a portable way to charge your phone on-the-go? The vondu®️ Solar Power Bank is just what you need. It can be charged via sunlight or cable. It is equipped with a waterproof exterior and dual USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at one time! It is perfect for any person that is always on the go and in need of a charge!

vondu® Electric Arc Lighter I

Tired of the same old disposable lighters that don’t last? Do you find yourself buying multiple lighters every year? Tired of constantly buying butane fuel? Look no further! The vondu Electric Arc Lighter Is just what you need. It is rechargeable via USB and can be used over and over again! It requires no fuel at all and is even waterproof! It is also windproof due to the strength of the electric arc it releases. It is great for smokers, BBQ’s, lighting candles and much more!

vondu® Leather Laptop Backpack

This backpack is perfect for notebooks, laptops, iPads, books, clothes, etc. It is very suitable for business, school, or travel purposes! You’ll never want to leave the home without it!

vondu® Mousepad

A great compliment to your laptop or home computer set-up. This mouse is great for home offices, school, or even the workplace. It is made with a non-slip bottom exterior that is also waterproof! Order yours today!